Welcome to our shop that is dedicated to the finest bedroom furniture. The bedroom is a place of refuge and intimacy. It is the place where we read our favorite book, get inspired, listen to music, rest, sleep, dream and sometimes get breakfast served by the people we love. It is the place where you spend the most time in your life. When making bed furniture our choice of materials, whether it is leather, fabric, wood or metal is meant to help you find inner peace, nourish your sleep and restore your energy. We hope you will find lots of bedroom inspiration in our dreamy shop.


Our shop has a wide range of bedroom furniture designs that are meant to redefine and reinvent the way we see bed furniture. Our headboards are cozy and homely. They are an understated luxury meant to be a part of everyday life embracing you and the ones you love when you relax or fall asleep. Our modern interpretation of a futon can be shaped in ways that have one thing in common; reflection and being in the moment. Relax in our leather cushions or get inspired by our many hooks that can hold and treasure the things you want on display or take extra care of. In the future you can expect us to broaden our product range and get even more bedroom inspiration that challenge the way we see and use the bedroom and bed furniture.

Bedroom inspiration

Our shop is meant to give you bedroom inspiration and open your eyes to new possibilities and sweet dreams. Whether you are about to refurnish your master bedroom, a guestroom or your children’s bedroom we hope that our various setups and ideas can contribute in making you reconsider your new or current setup at home. We focus on making high quality bedroom furniture that will make you feel like you are in heaven. Basically, we aim to keep you in bed all day with our dreamy bed furniture.

A life well spent

At BY THORNAM we have always thought it was peculiar that a lot of people use less energy on styling their bedroom than styling and refurnishing other rooms in their house or apartment. Throughout our lives, we spent around 26 years sleeping, and around 7 years trying to get to sleep. Why not make the most of it and focus even more on how your bedroom furniture can help you create a unique place for relaxation, reduce twisting and turning and maximize your sleep quality for good? We hope we can help you in the first steps towards a sense of well-being and a better and deeper sleep.

Our dream

BY THORNAM is a Danish design company. Our mission is to make designs that soothe your body and mind. We are proud of our Scandinavian heritage and honor it by being true to essential principals like simplicity, quality in every aspect and aim at producing bedroom furniture that exude luxury in every aspect. We work with the finest materials that will only become even more beautiful over time and last generations to come. A sense of detail and craftsmanship go hand in hand in our design- and production process. We do not cut corners or settle for compromises. Let us help you recharge and dream big.
BY THORNAM – A Nordic dream.