Leather headboards

Our leather headboards are wall mounted headboards that come in a wide variety and are meant to be the perfect companion for your bed and essentially you and the ones you love. All of our wall mounted headboards are all made in the finest materials and have a simplistic and minimalist design. It is important for us that our leather headboards are an essential part of the bedroom without dominating the overall bedroom interior. We call it ´understated luxury´.

A piece of art

A headboard is a piece of art that brightens up the bedroom and the wall behind the bed. As every form of art, it should set you mind at ease, day and night. Like art our leather headboards have the ability to revitalize your bedroom and extend it to a place of sanctuary and relaxation. Even though it is important for us that our headboard is aesthetically pleasing it is important that they look cozy, cool and comfortable. A cozy bedroom naturally makes it easier to get comfortable, relax and fall into deep, quality sleep

A multipurpose furniture

In many ways a headboard is a multipurpose furniture. It serves as a piece of art that make your bedroom stand out and defines your bedroom. It also provides extra support if you like chilling in bed, reading or perhaps using your tablet or laptop. A headboard is also ideal if you enjoy getting breakfast served in bed. If you sleep up against a cold wall that is poorly insulated, a headboard will provide insulation and prevent you freezing during cold winters. Last but not least it prevents wear and tear on your wall. Either way we are pretty sure that you will not regret it.

Floating headboard

All the headboard we make are floating headboards, meaning that they not attached to the mattress or the bed frame like a classic standing headboard. Instead they are wall mounted headboards that are attached to the wall with special screws for easy wall attachment, making sure that the leather headboards stay in place and close to the wall. It is then up to you to choose how high or low you would like the headboard installed. Some people like a floating headboard close to the mattress while others like a floating headboard a little further up on the wall. When choosing a wall mounted headboard, it is totally up to you.

Leather or fabric

We work with the finest aniline leather in the world. It is soft, chrome free and as close to nature as you can get. Every hide has its own unique story and natural markings. The leather will change appearance over time and age with beauty. Usage, daylight and interior lighting affect the leather. Through time it will develop its own amazing patina. We call it perfect imperfection.

In order to keep the leather soft and flexible and prevent it from fading or drying out, you can choose to use a leather care product. If you love the leather to get a vintage look do not apply any leather maintenance product, just wipe the surface with a cloth slightly dampened with water.
All our fabrics score high on the Martindale scale (unit for quantifying the abrasion resistance of textiles) and are meant to embrace you with warmth and coziness. You can use fabric protection products if wish to reduce the chances of a stain and you can a use a stain/cleaner product if you should get a persistent stain.

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