What is The M?

It is hard to tell what The M really is, because it depends on how you choose to use it. The M is what you want it to be. Shape it your way. Some people place it like a futon mattress up against the wall and create an amazing spot to chill and relax. If you get tired you can use it on the floor as a daybed, mattress or shapeable floor futon. Some people even do yoga and exercises on it. But why not mount it on the wall in your bedroom and use it as a luxurious headboard. The M can be transformed according to your mood, lifestyle and need.

Focus to detail

The M is available in the finest handpicked aniline leather and the softest velvet fabric around. The padding consists of 2 different kinds of laser cut foam that have been handpicked and combined to make The M comfortable, durable and adaptable to its different purposes. It is the padding combination that make it a perfect futon mattress that will make you sleep on it like baby. The leather handles make The M easy to move around and shape according to your mood. They also serve as loops for wall mounting if used as a headboard.

Our inspiration

The M is inspired by the original gym mat used in gyms all over Europe in the 1930´s. Used to lessen the ‘sting’ or impact when a gymnast jumped off a pommel horse, beam or vault. Leather straps were placed on both sides to make it easier to move around and for easy attachment to a gym wall when not in use.

When the original leather mats resurfaced as an antique item people began to buy and use them in various ways, but because it was not meant for being used as a piece of furniture it had some obvious limitations. It weighed 35kg (77lb) and was almost impossible to move around. It could not be used as a futon mattress because it It was bulky, asymmetrical after years wear and tear and not very comfortable.

We have redesigned it and transformed it into a piece of furniture that has multifunctional use and still have respect for the original look. Today it is a unique piece of furniture that can be used as a daybed, floor futon mattress or a luxurious headboard. The big leather surface has no seams disturbing the eye. The M is a huge success around the world because it invites you to place the floor futon on the floor and instantly relax, ‘pull the plug’ and take it slow.

Leather or fabric

We work with the finest aniline leather in the world. It is soft, chrome free and as close to nature as you can get. Every hide has its own unique story and natural markings. The leather will change appearance over time and age with beauty. Usage, daylight and interior lighting affect the leather. Through time it will develop its own amazing patina. We call it perfect imperfection.

In order to keep the leather soft and flexible and prevent it from fading or drying out, you can choose to use a leather care product. If you love the leather to get a vintage look do not apply any leather maintenance product, just wipe the surface with a cloth slightly dampened with water.
All our fabrics score high on the Martindale scale (unit for quantifying the abrasion resistance of textiles) and are meant to embrace you with warmth and coziness. You can use fabric protection products if wish to reduce the chances of a stain and you can a use a stain/cleaner product if you should get a persistent stain.

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