Your favorite spot

Create your own favorite spot with customized leather seat cushions in the finest aniline leather. Luxurious and homely at the same time. They are perfect for the bench at the end of the bed, by the bay window, in the hall or in the kitchen. The Pieces leather seat pads are designed and made by hand in Denmark.

Standard or customize

Pieces come in pairs: backrest and seat, but can also be customized according to your specific needs. It is possible to buy a backrest or leather seat pad separately if needed. All the Pieces backrest leather cushions have partial leather on the side facing the wall and the leather seat cushions have anti slip fabric on the back so it stays in place when placed on a bench or any other surface. The backrest cushion can be attached and mounted on the wall according to individual needs. The backrest comes with special screws for easy wall attachment, making sure that the backrest stays in place and close to the wall. If you order a backrest with leather handles, we offer a wide variety of hooks and rings that can be used along with them.

Choose between a smooth leather surface without any seems disturbing the eye or small checkered pieces of leather that are meticulously sewn together to form a unique and luxurious look. Understated, yet cool. Your favorite spot will never be the same. There are only variations of the backrest and not the leather seat cushions. All leather seat pads have a smooth leather surface without any seems.
The padding inside the leather seat cushions and the backrest cushions is unique and makes Pieces comfortable and durable. All the materials used to make Pieces have one purpose – to make it look and feel cozy, homely and luxurious. Pieces represent superior quality, unique craftsmanship and a touch of Danish design.

Leather or fabric

We work with the finest aniline leather in the world. It is soft, chrome free and as close to nature as you can get. Every hide has its own unique story and natural markings. The leather will change appearance over time and age with beauty. Usage, daylight and interior lighting affect the leather. Through time the leather seat pad and backrest will develop its own amazing patina. We call it perfect imperfection.

In order to keep the leather soft and flexible and prevent it from fading or drying out, you can choose to apply a leather care product on the leather seat cushion and backrest. If you love the leather to get a vintage look do not apply any leather maintenance product, just wipe the surface with a cloth slightly dampened with water.
You can choose between a wide range leather colors. Currently we make them in black aniline and nubuck leather and in various brown leather aniline variations (cognac and coffee).

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