The Duo headboard – Grey velvet

8500 DKK

Good things come in pairs. The Duo headboard brings the hotel look and feel into your bedroom. The headboard is made in the finest velvet and invites you to kick back and relax. Who needs a hotel when you can enjoy the feeling at home.

The headboard is designed and handmade in Denmark. The matte black metal bar is included in the price. We ship one week from order date.

Each Duo headboard cushion measure 80x60cm/31,5×23,5in and match beds that are between 160-203cm/71-80in wide.

SHOP TAX FREE: All prices on our site include Danish tax (25%). When placing an order from countries outside EU you do not pay Danish tax. It will be deducted in your shopping cart when choosing your shipping destination.


There is a certain kind of serenity that can only be felt in a luxury hotel room. With the Duo headboard we have aimed at recreating a hotel vibe and making something that make your bedroom space feel worthy of a staycation. The Duo headboard is designed to give you time to reflect, rest and recharge.

Never fight over headboard space any more

The Duo headboard have two velvet cushions attached to a vintage looking matte black metal bar. The leather handles can be adjusted in height on the back. Both cushions are also mounted to the wall making sure that the cushions stay in place.

Mounting the cushions

The Duo headboard is a floating headboard, meaning that it is not attached to the mattress or the bed frame like a classic standing headboard. Instead it is attached to the wall with L-shaped screws for easy wall attachment, making sure that the headboard stays in place and close to the wall. It is then up to you to choose how high or low you would like the headboard installed. Some people like the headboard close to the mattress (small gab between headboard and mattress) and others like it a little further up on the wall. It is totally up to you, so we recommend testing it before final installment. Even though each velvet cushion has two leather straps attached to the bar, it is actually the screws on the back of the cushions, that makes them stay in place.

Nothing spared

The headboard cushions are made in the finest velvet. All the materials used to make headboard have one purpose – to make it look and feel cozy, homely and luxurious. This unique headboard represents superior quality, unique craftsmanship and a touch of Danish design.

Weight 5-10 kg
Bed/Bar size

Bed size: 160cm/63in – Bar size: 170cm/67in, Bed size: 180cm/71in – Bar size: 193cm/76in, Bed size: 193cm/76in – Bar size: 193cm/76in, Bed size: 203cm/80in – Bar size: 193cm/80in

Shop tax free

All prices on our site include Danish tax (25%). When placing an order from countries outside EU you do not pay Danish tax. It will be deducted in your shopping cart when choosing your shipping destination.


We work with the finest aniline leather in the world. It is soft, chrome free and as close to nature as you can get. Every hide has its own unique story and natural markings. The leather will change appearance over time and age with beauty. Usage, daylight and interior lighting affect the leather. Through time it will develop its own amazing patina. We call it perfect imperfection.

In order to keep the leather soft and flexible and prevent it from fading or drying out, you can choose to use a leather care product. There are a wide range of different care products available worldwide. We recommend products from Guardian. If you love the leather to get a vintage look do not apply any leather maintenance product, just wipe the surface with a cloth slightly dampened with water.


All our fabrics score high on the Martindale scale (unit for quantifying the abrasion resistance of textiles). You can use fabric protection products if wish to reduce the chances of a stain and you can a use a stain/cleaner product if you should get a persistent stain. We recommend products from Guardian.

Get samples

If in doubt about the look and feel of the leather or the fabric you can order samples here.


Bed and mattress sizes varies from country to country, with most countries having their own standards and terminology. Here are just a few examples from bedrooms around the world.

90 x 60 x 8cm / 35 x 24 x 3in (Single in UK)
120 x 60 x 8cm / 47 x 24 x 3in (Small double in UK)
140 x 60 x 8cm / 55 x 24 x 3in (Double in Japan)
152 x 60 x 8cm / 60 x 24 x 3in (Queen in US)
160 x 60 x 8cm / 63 x 24 x 3in (Queen in Japan)
180 x 60 x 8cm / 71 x 24 x 3in (Super king in UK)
193 x 60 x 8cm / 76 x 24 x 3in (King in US)

At BY THORNAM we make customized versions of our headboards at an extra cost. If you have trouble finding your size perhaps we can help you customize a headboard for you. Please contact us for a quote.


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